SILAS BUNKER, JR. (1778-1865)
From Bunker Geneology by Edward C. Moran, Jr. Aug. 1, 1961
Silas Bunker Jr. was born 26 Oct. 1778 at Sedgwick, Maine. (Sedgwick T.R. 1:422); both Silas and Silas Jr. were listed in the Sedgwick tax list of 1799. Married 15 Dec. 1800 HANNAH BERRY who was born 21 Nov. 1778 at Trenton Maine. She died 10 May 1854 at Atkinson, Maine.

Silas and wife Hannah quit claim to Edward and Isaac Berry of Trenton, right belonging to Hannah in estate of her father Edward Berry deceased, 29 Aug. 1803 (Hancock Deed 20:37). Was deeded 50 acres land in Sedgwick by Benjamin Bunker (his brother) 7 Apr. 1804 (Hancock Deed 17:39). Deeded to Benjamin Lufkin land in Sedgwick "running to the head of the lot belonging to my father Silas Bunker" 5 Aug. 1805 (Hancock Deed 18:383). Listed 1810 census Sedgwick. Removed to Trenton 1810-1817. As of Trenton, brought suit against James Poor over the schooner "Galeon," March 1817 (Hancock Court Common Pleas 18:86). As of "Saint Loe" Penobscot County, sold to Luther Turner mortgage on land in Township #2, Range #6, 13 Oct. 1817 (Penobscot Deed 5:545).

As of Bangor, sold the St. Loe land with wife Hannah disposing of her dower, to Luther Turner, 1818 (Penobscot Deed 4:122). As of Atkinson, Maine, deeded land in Bangor to J. B. Fiske 27 Apr. 1819 (Penobscot Deed 5:545). Listed 1820 census Atkinson, Maine. Witnessed deed of father Silas Bunker to brother Isaac Smith Bunker 22 Sep 1827 (Hancock Deed 51:134). Listed 1830 census Atkinson, Maine. As of Foxcroft with wife Hannah releasing dower, deeded to Amos Morse, lot 10 in Range 2 in Atkinson 1 May 1833 (Penobscot Deed 45:9). Moved to Charleston, Maine 1838. Listed 1840 census Charleston, Maine. Removed to Trenton. Listed Trenton, Maine census 1850 and 1860 with son Martin Bunker. Died 30 Sep. 1865 Atkinson, Maine at the age of 86 years 11 months and 4 days.
Had Nine Children:
Abigail Bunker born 18 Dec. 1801
Nahum Berry Bunker born 12 Jul. 1804
Hannah Bunker born 14 Jul. 1807
Alfred Bunker born 27 Sep. 1809
Martin Bunker born 13 Jul. 1811
Kendall Kittredge Bunker born 4 Oct. 1812
Silas Bunker, III born 14 Apr. 1816
Sabin Bunker born 21 Jan. 1818
Edward Bunker born 1 Aug. 1822