Albertina Crosby Bunker
1884 - 1918

Mrs. Albertlna Crosby Bunker, wife of Albert Bunker of this city. died of pneumonia Nov, 4. She had been in poor health for several months and in her weakened condition could not resist the disease when attacked. The husband was working at Delta and was notified by telegram; he arrived here about noon on Tuesday, shortly before the funeral was held.

Short funeral services were held on account of the prevalence of influenza in the community. Elder D. H. Morris made consoling remarks and testified to the noble character of the departed sister and her unfailing devotion to the gospel. The grave was dedicated by Bishop James McArthur

Deceased was born in St. George Dec. 20, 1884, a daughter of Joshua Alma Crosby and Lena. Mathis Crosby; was married to S. A. Bunker, Jr., ln the St. George ttemple June 9, 1910; of this union three children survlve, Mildred, six years, Lea. four years, and Clive two years of age,

Deceased was prominent as a worker in the M.. I. A., Sunday Schools, and as a teacher ln the district school up until the time she was married: She had a special glft for teaching children and ln drawlng them to her. She was a loving daughter and sister, and has been a noble and falthful wlfe and mother.

Sincere sympathy is felt for the bereaved family. --

Washington County News
Influenza Conditions

Dr. F. J. Woodbury, city health officer, states that the epidemic now appears to be under control, and with the new regulation, compelling everyone to mask, he does not look for many new cases. There are now 35 cases here.

The city issued an order last Saturday compelling everyone to wear a mask in public. This order has been rigidly enforced. We congratulate the people on the readiness with which they complied with this order, for the News has not seen or heard of a single infraction of it.

The quarantine against outside points was lifted Saturday, as we had then sixteen well defined cases here.