1. Samuel Obed Crosby, Jr., died age 16 2. Elida Emily Crosby (md) George Albert Haycock (ch) George Harry Haycock (md) Theresa Grover (ch) George L. Haycock (ch) Ruth Haycock (ch) Elizabeth Haycock (ch) Ross D. Haycock (ch) Arthur D. Haycock (ch) Margaret Haycock (ch) Shirley Haycock (ch) Harry A. Haycock (ch) Elizabeth (Bessie) Haycock (md) Leo K. Homer (ch) Robert L. Homer (ch) Don A. Homer (ch) Pauline Homer (ch) Helen Homer (ch) Elida Marie Homer (ch) Obed Crosby Haycock (md) Martha Mary Harding (ch) Jean Haycock (ch) Ralph Haycock (ch) Don H. Haycock (ch) Richard Haycock (ch) Lois Haycock (ch) Wilford Haycock (md) Louise Saunders (ch) Alan Haycock (ch) Wayne Haycock (ch) LuAnn Haycock (ch) George Kent Haycock (ch) Boyd L. Haycock 3. Earnest Kendall Crosby (died very young) 4. John Silas Crosby (md) Mary Ann Owens (ch) Silas Owens Crosby (md) Nellie LeFevre (ch) Dan S Crosby (ch) Dorothy Crosby (ch) Gwen Crosby (ch) Douglas Crosby (ch) Mary Ann Crosby (ch) Wallace Lloyd Crosby (ch) Jay Mond Crosby (md) Maxine Richards (ch) Richard J. Crosby (ch) Norman Dee Crosby (ch) David Evan Crosby (ch) Dee Wayne Crosby (md) Fridel (ch) Roland Crosby (ch) Monica Crosby (ch) Ellis Owens Crosby (md) Leila Reesee (ch) Jeffery Ellis Crosby (ch) Arthur Glen Crosby (md) Beverley Roe (ch) William Arthur Crosby (ch) Kathleen Crosby (ch) Gaylene Crosby (ch) Robert Glen Crosby (ch) William Thomas Crosby (md) Dorothy Sandin (ch) Deborah Crosby (ch) Stephanie Crosby (ch) Theron Deloy Crosby (md) Joyce Kellch (ch) Michael Earl Crosby (ch) John Gorden Crosby (md) Ella Louise Goulding (ch) James Gorden Crosby (ch) Gary Crosby (ch) Rebecca Ann Crosby 5. Rhoda Adelia Crosby (died very young) 6. Edward Wentworth Crosby (md) Etta May Lloyd (ch) Lola Crosby (md) William Richard Evans (ch) Donald Evans (ch) Sheila Evans (ch) William Duane Evans (ch) Cheryl Evans (ch) Stephen Richard Evans (ch) Samuel Obed Crosby (md) Luzon Orvilla Stevens (ch) Evan Crosby (ch) Alice Crosby (md) Fay C. Miles (ch) Lloyd Crosby (md) Reta Ellen Bennion (ch) Catherine Crosby (ch) EvaDean Crosby (md) George Dale Crozier (ch) Michael Dale Crozier (ch) Daniel C. Crozier (ch) Susan Crozier (ch) Elida Etheleen Crosby (md) William Bud Rogers (ch) Edward Earl Crosby 7. William Rowell Crosby (md) Mabel Case (ch) Maxine Taylor (ch) Loyal Crosby 8. Urie Glen Crosby (died very young) 9. Eunice Naomi Crosby (twin to Urie Glen) (md) Edwin Bliss (ch) Edwin Crosby Bliss (md) Jean Galkecher (ch) Daphne Bliss (md) Clarence Milton Kettle (died) Daphne Bliss Kettle (md) Jack Calvin Perry (ch) Marie Bernice Bliss 10. Stephen Abbott Crosby (md) Mina Wright (ch) Floyd W. Crosby (died grown man) (ch) Marva Crosby (md) James Milton Heal (ch) Ralph S. Crosby (died grown man) (ch) Norene Crosby (md) LaMar Clyde Bowers (ch) LaDon J. Crosby (ch) Spencer C. Crosby (md) (ch) Bonnie Eunice Crosby (md) Sperry (ch) Gwen 11. Beulah Crosby (md) John Earl Allen (ch) Samuel Earl Allen (md) Mary Loraine Sevy (ch) Rodger Earl Allen (ch) Charles McKee Allen (ch) Clem Crosby Allen (md) Coleen BeBee (ch) Sherene Allen (ch) Carl Bradford Allen (ch) John Clement Allen (ch) Cleo Allen (twin to Clem) (md) KonRoy Henrie (ch) Jeddie Bryan Henrie (ch) Allen KonRoy Henrie (ch) Ada Marie Henrie (ch) Rowa Allen (md) James I. Lee (ch) James Allen Lee (ch) Tonya Kay Lee (ch) David Allen Lee (ch) George Edward Allen (md) Sheila Carter (ch) Kathleen Allen (ch) John Carter Allen (ch) George Gregory Allen (ch) John Whorton Allen (md) Oral Kay Lee (ch) John Randall Allen

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