A. Lucina Lee (md) Horace Franklin Lillywhite 01. Leland Horace Lillywhite (md) Alta Brinkerhoff A. Wilma Lillywhite (md) Quin Evan Washburn (ch) James Robert Washburn (ch) Shirley Washburn B. Leland Junior Lillywhite (md) Ann Rogers (ch) Lorin Ross Lillywhite (ch) Paul Joy Lillywhite (ch) James Floyd Lillywhite C. Viola Lillywhite D. Fern Lillywhite E. James Owen Lillywhite F. Robert Lee Lillywhite G. Francis Lillywhite H. Kenneth Leo Lillywhite I. David Ross (deceased) Lillywhite J. Shirley Lillywhite (deceased) B. Mary Vilate Lee (md) Park Romey 01. Lettie Vilate Romney (md) Donald Maiben Dixon A. Diane Dixon (md) John Henry Tempest, 3rd. B. Donald Romney Dixon C. Alan Romey Dixon 02. Beatrice Romney (md) Frank Carl Berg A. Judith Lee Berg B. Frank David Berg C. Patricia Berg D. Cynthia Berg 03. Derald Park Romney (md) Susan Jacobs A. Jeffrey Jacobs Romney B. Jacqueline Romney C. Susan Romney D. Douglas Park Romney E. Richard Lee Romney 04. George Lee Romney (md) Pearl Temey A. Marsha Romney B. Gerald Lee Romney C. Shawna Romney D. Tamara Romney 05. Stanley Romney (md) Marion Colleen Young A. Claudia Romney 06. Afton Romney (md) Alvin Charles Soderborg A. Kathleen Soderborg B. Lynne Soderborg C. Laurel Soderborg D. Mark Ronmey Soderborg E. Alvin Lee Soderborg 07. Milton Clair Romney (md) Evelyn Muriel Brannock A. Dan Brannock Romney B. Rebecca Romney C. Victoria Romney 08. Myrlene Romney (md) Walter Gibson Wiest A. David Romney Wiest B. Karen Wiest C. Walter Gibson, Jr. Wiest D. Richard Romney Wiest 09. Carrol Romney (md) Marvin Raine Curtis A. Rosemary Curtis (md) Michael A. Neider B. Marvin Raine, Jr. Curtis (md) Joan Cannon C. Cory Romney Curtis (md) Arwella Pierce D. Natalie Curtis (md) James McCullough E. Robyn Curtis (md) Lane Anderson F. Christopher Romney Curtis (md) Katie Hughes G. Matthew Alexander Curtis (md) Amy Sutton

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