Know your Bunker Family Matching
(Exclusively for the Gaylen and Diane Bunker Family)
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Fill each Box with a single Letter
representing an Answer from the list at right
  1.   She was a dominant voice on the Mayflower
  2.   She was the "Mother" of Southern Utah
  3.   He was a Pilgrim on the Mayflower
  4.   He built the first church in Plymouth
  5.   Sailed with John Paul Jones on the Providence
  6.   Bunker Hill was named after him
  7.   He built a garrison on Oyster Bay in 1650
  8.   Cousin who was governor of Utah
  9.   Cousin who was president of Rick's College
10.   Cousin who was president of BYU-Idaho
11.   Cousin who was a U.S. Senator from Nevada
12.   One of first settlers on Great Cranberry Island
13.   Raised her family all alone at the Beaver Dam Wash
14.   Served in the Mormon Battallion
15.   Cousin who was crowned Miss America
16.   He was a pilot in the second world war
17.   He was a guard at the Utah State Prison
18.   Captain of undefeated Utah State Football team
19.   Cousin who was in several motion pictures
20.   He was an early pioneer to Ephraim, Utah
21.   Led the 3rd Handcart company across the plains
22.   Descendant of Charlemagne and Kings of England
23.   Early pioneer to St. George, Utah
24.   She was valedictorian of her high school class
25.   Uncle who served in the Korean conflict
A. Sarah Leavitt
B. Francis Cooke
C. Diane Dent
D. Marjorie Reimann
E. John Tomson
F. Lemuel Sturdevant
G. Berkley Bunker
H. Andrew Thomson
I. Hannah Leavitt
J. Edward Bunker
K. Sharlene Wells
L. Mike Leavitt
M. Henry B. Eyring
N. Ellen Billington
O. Theodore Bunker
P. Benjamin Bunker
Q. George Bunker
R. James Bunker
S. Henry Eyring
T. Mitchell Dent
U. Clarence Dent
V. Robert Bunker
W. Kim Clark
X. Oscar Rowland
Y. Dorothy Dudley
Z. Karl Bunker

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